Our School


We would like to acknowledge that our schools are on unceded Algonquin Territory, and thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us on their land.

Our School

Robert Bateman PS is a large school in the community of Hunt Club Park. Opened in 1991, it is named after the Canadian artist, Robert Bateman, who continues to take an active interest in the life of the school. Recently, Mr. Bateman visited our school and toured our “Art Gallery Hall” and art class. He gave a formal presentation to the students in the Junior Division, relating his experience as an artist, and he reminded students about the importance of playing outside and being inspired by nature every day. Every year, awards are presented in his name at the grade six leaving ceremony. 

Robert Bateman PS is a dual-track school with a capacity of approximately 600 students. We function on a balanced day schedule, by providing students with two opportunities to have a recess then nutrition break during the day. The three teaching blocks are 120 minutes, 100 minutes and finishing with 80 minutes. We offer programs in English (JK to Grade 6) and Early French Immersion (SK to Grade 6) as well as Special Education support.

At RBPS, we continue to encourage open communication between school and home. To this end, we rely on the use of student agendas, class and school newsletters, parent-teacher interviews, telephone calls as well as formal report cards. Because the well being and academic success of our students is important to us, we welcome parental support. Our school priorities continue to include healthy lifestyles, character education, literacy, numeracy, and parental engagement. These priorities are closely aligned with our school board’s improvement plan.

Our Students

Our enrolment as of September 2012 is 414, with almost one half enrolled in Early French Immersion. When students graduate from Robert Bateman PS, they usually attend Roberta Bondar PS for programs in Grade 7 and 8, in both Early French Immersion and English. For Grades 9-12, most of our students move on to either Hillcrest or Canterbury High Schools. Our students come from many different cultures and encompass a broad demographic spectrum. This provides a dynamic learning environment in which students learn the importance of respect for and tolerance of persity.

Our Staff

Our staff numbers 50, most of whom are classroom teachers. They are supported by educational assistants, early childhood educators, a library technician, our custodial staff, adult lunch monitors, and the administrative team comprised of an office administrator, office assistant, a principal and vice-principal. All are dedicated to the learning environment of our students.

Staff members are continuously upgrading their qualifications and skills through courses, conferences and board-sponsored workshops, in order to better meet the needs of our students. The Robert Bateman PS staff is active in mentoring teachers new to the profession as well as co-op students and teacher candidates from a variety of teachers' colleges and universities. The staff works very well together to assist all students in meeting their learning goals and potential. Our multi-cultural liaison officer (MLO) works at the school one and a half days a week. The role of the MLO is to help families who have newly arrived to Canada as well as supporting the school with our community outreach initiatives.

Our Community

The school serves an area bounded by Conroy, Hawthorne, and Hunt Club Roads and the railway. Spacious parks and pathways were incorporated into the design of the subpision, providing ample space for walking, biking, playgrounds, baseball and soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, wading pools, and outdoor rinks. After school programs are offered by the Greenboro Community Centre.

Robert Bateman PS welcomes parent and community volunteers to work in partnership with staff in order to provide positive, caring and safe educational experiences for all of our students. The Hunt Club Park School Age Program is housed in the school and offers a before and after school program. In addition the Hunt Club Park Community Association has been reactivated. Its mission is to represent the concerns of residents of Hunt Club Park.

The Robert Bateman PS School Council works closely with the staff and administration in the pursuit of excellence for our students. Monthly meetings are held to discuss items of concern, plan programs and work in partnership with the school staff to ensure their children’s experiences are as rich as possible. Parental involvement in our school is extensive and includes reading to students, preparing learning materials, organizing lunch programs and assisting with field trips, to name but a few activities. Parents fundraise extensively to provide resources and programs to support and enhance the delivery of the curriculum.

Mission Statement

Robert Bateman PS is a school where there is care and respect for oneself, for others, and for the environment. We come to Robert Bateman PS to love learning, strive for excellence and prepare for the future.

Ici nous respectons et prenons soin de tout un chacun ainsi que de notre environnement. Nous fréquentons cette école pour l’amour du savoir, pour accéder à l’excellence et pour préparer notre avenir.

Facilities and Resources

Robert Bateman PS has excellent facilities which include:

  • A large library

  • A computer lab

  • Two gymnasia

  • An independently run before and after school daycare

  • A conference/meeting room

  • Several multi-purpose rooms for small learning support groups

  • Large foyers on both floors for student activities · a separate kindergarten wing with four well-equipped rooms

  • English and French Literacy and Numeracy resource rooms located in the library and on the second floor

  • An inner courtyard

  • A fully stocked skate and helmet lending room

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

Robert Bateman PS is a dual-track school with:

  • English program, JK to Grade 6; Core French as part of the English program offered as follows:, JK/SK(20 min./day), Grade 1 to Grade 6 (40 min./day);

  • Early French Immersion program, SK to Grade 6; English to Early French Immersion program, Grade 2 to 6 (Grade 2 and 3 = 1 hr. daily for Language Arts), Grade 4 to 6 = 60% French & 40% English (Language Arts and Math);

  • Inclusive Learning Support to assist students in the areas of Language Arts and Mathematics; and

  • Full Day Kindergarten (Junior and Senior Kindergarten).

Classroom Organization

Early French Immersion

  • 2 SK

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 1/2

  • Grade 2/3

  • Grade 3/4

  • Grade 4/5

  • Grade 5/6


  • 1 JK

  • 1 JK/SK

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 2

  • Grade 2/3

  • Grade 3

  • Grade 4

  • Grade 5

  • Grade 6

Special Education and ESL Programs

Our Learning Support Teacher (LST) provides educational support for students, as well as diagnostic assessments and support in curriculum planning. We also have a Primary Special Needs (PSN) system class, which is comprised of 10 students and the support of one educational assistant. Educational Assistants (2.5) are assigned to the school based on medical or safety needs.

For students who are in the English program, our approach includes, first of all, support from the regular classroom teacher by way of differentiated instruction. Inpidual Education Plans (I.E.P.s) are prepared for students receiving special education programming or accommodations.

Additional identified support would be provided by our Learning Resource teacher and/or English Language Learning support teachers (2 x .5). These teachers work in cooperation with the classroom teacher to address specific student needs using either an inclusive or withdrawal support model.

Clubs and Activities

  • Cross-country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track & field

  • Running club

  • Chess Club

  • Fund-raisers for charitable organizations

  • Monthly assemblies

  • Choir

  • The Amigos program

  • Arts Spring Showcase

  • Recycling club

  • Winter skating activities at the adjacent skating rink

Safe Schools Initiatives

A Safe and Caring School continues to be our focus and our students are recognized through our monthly Character Traits awards. Robert Bateman PS has a code of behaviour that has recently been revised to reflect new legislation and includes input from staff and parents. It has been inserted in the student agenda for quick reference. Our Amigos program involves students from the junior pision who, with teacher support, organize co-operative games for the students in the primary pision during the two activity breaks.

Other Safe School Initiatives include:

  • Breakfast Program

  • Safe Arrival Program

  • Fenced yards separate from parking areas

  • Fenced yard for Kindergarten students

  • Sign-in/Sign-out protocol for all visitors and students

  • Dismissal procedures specific to kindergarten students

  • Two-way communication devices for the yard, classrooms and gym

  • First Aid trained staff members

  • Fire Drill and Lock-Down practices

  • Safety and emergency procedures

  • Amigos Program

  • Learning/Reading buddies

  • Nutrition Break student monitors

  • A progressive discipline approach

Our community’s vigilance makes the safety of our students, school property and the surrounding neighbourhood a priority. Everyone at Robert Bateman PS has the right to a safe and secure school environment, and we all must work together to provide it.

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