Achievement and SIP

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

We follow the OCDSB Policy and Procedures for student assessment and evaluation, available on the board website. Assessment of learning is designed to align with learning styles as well as multiple intelligences and includes diagnostic, formative and summative components. This gathering of information helps the teacher to identify needs, strategies and interventions that will help with the planning and delivery of curriculum expectations. The assessments used include observations, rubrics, checklists, the marking of classroom work, oral presentations, student/teacher conferences as well as running records for reading. Students learn and are encouraged to reflect on their own achievement, by participating in activities such as goal setting and student-led conferences.
A progress report card is issued to all students in Grade 1-6 in November and provides parents with feedback on their child’s learning skills and general progress. In February, a Term 1 report card for students in Senior Kindergarten to Grade 6 is sent home. At the end of the school year, all students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 will take home a report card that will cover Term 2. Parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with teachers throughout the year to ensure they are aware of any concerns or difficulties. Except for students in Kindergarten, all of our students use an agenda so that information regarding homework and assignments is readily available to parents. In addition some teachers have blogs or wikispaces, while others send home monthly newsletters which are also posted on our school website.
Our students in grade 3 and grade 6 participate in the provincial EQAO assessment of reading, writing and mathematics. The resulting data is part of the quantitative and qualitative sources used to develop our School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (SIPSA).

Other assessment tools include:

• ELOT (Early Literacy Observation Tool) - used at the Senior Kindergarten level;
• PM Benchmarks in English and GB+ French language reading assessment at primary grade levels; and,
• Évaluation Rapide de la lecture (French) and Comprehension Attitude Strategies Interests (CASI) (English) reading assessments at the junior grade levels.

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

Our School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (SIPSA) will focus on Writing for all grades. This literacy focus will take into account the needs of all our students. Professional activity days, staff and divisional meetings as well as participation in district networks will enable staff to acquire skills, share strategies and build their capacity to better meet the needs of students. As we review student work with regard to writing, we will focus on how they gather ideas, if they make connections (to self, to others, to the world) and if they support their ideas with evidence. Staff, parents, students and our School Council agree that academic success is enhanced when:
• Students attend school regularly and on time;
• Students arrive to school healthy, well rested and well nourished;
• School and home share educational values (importance of education, supportive of policies, etc.);
• Effective teaching includes high expectations, inclusive teaching styles, and on-going communication with families;
• Strong classroom management is in place;
• Appropriate facilities, materials and resources are available;
• The school climate is positive, welcoming and where all children know they belong;
• Students show a commitment to learning; and
• Students are respectful of themselves and others, as well as accept appropriate responsibility for their behaviour and learning.
At Robert Bateman PS, the work we do is based on these beliefs and we strive to translate them into sound practice.

Other Initiatives:

• Balanced Literacy
• Empower Reading Program
• Borrow-a-Book
• Balanced Math Program
• 2-K Walk for Cancer Research
• Talent Show/Art Showcase
• Community Outreach
• Family Dinner
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