Bateman Bobcat Banner: February 21, 2023

Bateman Bobcat Banner: February 21, 2023
Posted on 02/21/2023

Bateman Bobcat Banner

Tuesday, February 21, 2023


Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, February 22: Pink Shirt Day
  • Wednesday, February 22: Kindergarten Concert (for Kindergarten families only)
  • Monday, February 27: Mural Art Project with Claudia Salguero Begins
  • March 2 - 3: Dental Screening for Kindergarten and Grade 2 Students
  • Thursday, March 9: RBPS School Council Meeting (6:30 PM)
  • March 13 - 17: March Break (No School for Students)

School Reorganisation Update

Today (Tuesday, February 21) marks the first day of our new Junior class organization at RBPS. Two weeks ago, we shared with parents of students in Grades 3-6  the news that the OCDSB allocated our school two additional junior classes, due to the higher-than-expected enrollment from Findlay Creek. Because of these changes, our school has transitioned from having two Junior English classes and two Junior Early French Immersion (EFI) classes, to having three classes each of Junior English and Junior EFI. This change means that we now have 6 Junior classes of approximately 20 students each, instead of our previous 4 classes of just under (or just over) 30 students each.

This reorganization also brings with it some staffing changes:

  • Ms Sarah Wright moves from part-time to full-time at Robert Bateman School, as she began teaching English and Math (ETFI) to Mme Tessier’s Grade 3/4 EFI class, in addition to Grade 1/2 ETFI. By coincidence, today is also the first day of Ms Wright’s maternity leave, and I am pleased to share that Ms Wright and her family welcomed a healthy and happy baby girl this weekend! In Ms Wright’s absence, we welcome Ms Anne Widdifield as our Grade 1/2 and 3/4 ETFI teacher for the remainder of the year;
  • Ms Melcha Flanders moves from her role as Learning Resource Teacher (LRT) into her new role as homeroom teacher to the new Grade 3/4 English class;
  • Ms Ranya Menicucci moves from her role as Grade 2/3 English homeroom teacher into the LRT role vacated by Ms Flanders;
  • We are currently in the final stages of selecting new homeroom teachers for the Grade 2/3 English class, and a new French teacher:

The students who have joined us from Findlay Creek have been a wonderful addition to the RBPS family, and with these changes we will be in a good position to continue welcoming new families, while maintaining suitable class sizes for all students.

If you have any questions, please reach out by email, or by calling the school: thanks as always for your support.

Term 1 Progress Reports / Communication of Learning

Last week, all parents / guardians received their child(ren)’s Term 1 Progress Reports / Communication of Learning through the online portal. We hope that you were able to read the report card with your child(ren), to celebrate their accomplishments, and talk about their areas for improvement, and how they can meet those goals. There is not a specific parent-teacher interview date for Term 1 reports, however, teachers are available to answer questions and discuss next steps for improvement. Connections between home and school are one of the strongest indicators for student success, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child(ren)’s teachers.

February 22: Pink Shirt Day

Wednesday, February 22nd is Pink Shirt Day, which raises awareness about the impacts of bullying, how we can work together to prevent it, and provide support to those affected by it. Students and staff members are welcome to wear pink to show their support. You can learn more by visiting the Pink Shirt Day website.

School-Wide Art Project With Claudia Salguero Begins Next Week

Next week, we will begin our new school-wide art installation at RBPS, in partnership with local artist Claudia Salguero through the Multicultural Arts for Schools and Communities (MASC) organization. Based on input from students, we will be transforming the 2nd floor rotunda into a blue sky with metal silhouettes of painted birds flying across the space. The skylights at either end will create the impression of the sky extending into the school. Under the skilled guidance of Ms. Salguero, every student from Kindergarten to Grade 6 will work on this project with their classes. Please note that Ms Salguero will be using acrylic paints, which do *not* wash out of clothes. Your child(ren)’s teacher(s) will send you an email with the specific date(s) your child(ren) will be painting, so you can send them with suitable clothes on those dates.

This project is funded through a variety of sources, including an OCDSB Arts Grant, a subsidy from the MASC organization, and RBPS funds for special events and guest presentations, which we were unable to fully spend during the last two years of COVID restrictions.

Black History Month

Every February is recognized as Black History Month in Canada. It’s a time to celebrate Black culture and history and to applaud the achievements and significant contributions Black Canadians have made to build Canada and to make this country the diverse, welcoming and strong nation it is today. Every February, Canadians are invited to participate in learning opportunities, festivities, and events that honour the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present. All the RBPS staff from Kindergarten to Grade 6 have been using this time to teach students about the many accomplishments and contributions of Black Canadians.

Term 2 Pizza Orders

Term 2 Pizza orders are due Wednesday, February 22nd, (Term 2 runs from March 1st to June 21st). Please ensure that you are registered with SchoolCash Online so that you can securely place your order online. For those students who will be observing Ramadan, there will also be an option to order pizza only for the 12 weeks before and after Ramadan.

Upcoming Parent/Caregiver School Climate Survey

We would like to hear your voice as part of the upcoming school climate survey!

In March 2023, the OCDSB will be conducting a Parent/Caregiver School Climate Survey. This is a voluntary and anonymous online survey for parents, guardians, and caregivers of students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. The purpose of the survey is to give parents, guardians and caregivers an opportunity to provide feedback about their family’s and their child’s experiences with the school.

To find out more information, please visit the FAQ page or contact [email protected]


Toonie Tuesday - Tuesday, February 21 - Friday, February 24

For the week of February 21 - February 24, Robert Bateman will take part in our annual ‘Toonie Tuesday’ fundraiser, in support of the Education Foundation of Ottawa. Students will be invited to bring in Loonies, Toonies, or other amounts, and parents can donate online here. Thanks to Ms Petten’s class for all your work in organizing and promoting this event.

The Education Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to supporting students in the OCDSB who are vulnerable to the effects of poverty. One in five children in our schools lives in poverty. The Education Foundation’s goals include reducing barriers to ensure that all students have the basic necessities they need in order to learn confidently. They do this by providing appropriate food, clothing, school supplies, healthcare supports and access to opportunities for students in our neighbourhood and our school. At Robert Bateman School, the Education Foundation provides financial support for our Breakfast Program, provides school supplies, snowsuits, and other items for students, and provides emergency support for RBPS families in need.

March 2 - 3: Dental Screening for Kindergarten and Grade 2 Students

On March 2 - 3, Lynne Bérubé (a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) with Ottawa Public Health) will provide a dental screening for students in JK, SK and Grade 2. If your child(ren) are in any other grades, and you would like them to have a dental screening, please reply-sender to this email with your child(ren)’s name(s).

The dental screening is a no-touch technique: the RDH will have no direct contact with your child. Instead, she will use a disposable tongue depressor to look at your child’s mouth. This short visual assessment helps identify the need for dental care (infection, tooth decay, broken teeth or more). To comply with Public Health Ontario’s Best  Practices, appropriate measures will be in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 including performing hand hygiene, wearing personal protective equipment, and

maintaining physical distancing as much as possible. Afterwards, your child will be given a report to take home which will explain the results of the dental screening. A follow-up visit by a RDH for individual students or previously screened students may be done. Some families may also be eligible for free dental care. Please note that this screening does not replace regular dental visits with your family dentist.

This dental screening is offered in accordance with the Ontario Public Health Standards from the Ontario Ministry of Health. Personal health information collected during the screening will be used for the purposes of delivering, administering, and managing screening services and for statistical purposes provided under Sections 5 and 7 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act (as amended) and the Ontario Public Health Standards (2018). Information may be used and shared among Ottawa Public Health authorized employees only in the provision of dental services. Questions concerning the dental screening, how to exclude your child from the dental screening for this school year, the collection and use of this information should be directed to the Supervisor of Dental Health Promotion, Ottawa Public Health, 613-400-1580.


Neighbourhood Health and Wellness Hubs (News from OPH)

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is working with City and community partners to deliver integrated services closer to where people live, by providing additional access to drop-in

 health and social services at no cost. There are currently 14 Neighbourhood Health and Wellness Hubs (including Greensboro East at the Greenboro Community Center) that offer a range of services. The hubs provide an opportunity to speak in-person with OPH and/or City of  Ottawa staff. Different services are offered at different locations, including:


Mental Health, Addictions and Substance Use Health  

  • Wellness tips
  • Assistance to book short-term counselling through Counselling Connect
  • Connection to mental health, addictions and substance use health services through AccessMHA and 1call1click

Employment and Social Services

  • Access to social assistance programs including financial assistance, housing, employment services, and referrals

Dental Health

  • Registered dental hygienists provide free dental screenings, support in accessing dental care and dental health promotion
  • Support in enrolling into the Healthy Smiles Ontario (children) and Ontario Seniors Dental Care (older adults) programs
  • All ages are welcome


  • Speak with a public health nurse about all areas of parenting, including but not limited to:
  • Infant feeding
  • Safe sleep
  • Growth and development
  • Home safety
  • Transition to parenting
  • Perinatal mental health

 For children and youth who are facing barriers to accessing routine vaccinations in the community, OPH is helping them get caught up on their vaccines. In addition to Ottawa

 Public Health’s Family Vaccination Clinics, four Neighbourhood  Health and Wellness Hubs now offer routine vaccinations. All vaccines at these clinics are offered at no cost, and an

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card is not required. The NHWHs provide routine vaccinations for children and youth from two months to 17 years of age who meet any of the criteria below:

  • the child is a newcomer to Canada
  • the child does not have an Ontario Health Card (OHIP)
  • the child does not have a primary health care provider, such as a family doctor, pediatrician or a nurse practitioner
  • the child is currently unable to access immunizations through their health care provider

Appointments are not required at NHWHs, as drop-ins are welcome. Children can receive their routine vaccinations at the following hub locations:

  • AMA Community Centre, 1216 Hunt Club Road
  • Bellevue Community Centre, 1475 Caldwell Avenue
  • Emerald Plaza Library, 1547 Merivale Road
  • Jules Morin Field House, 400 Clarence Street East

For more information including other hub locations, hours of operation and the services provided at each hub, please visit

 or call the OPH Information Centre at 613-580-6744, Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Staff Profiles

(In every Banner, we profile a different staff member..)

Staff Name: Jason Hirst

HirstRole: Grade 6 Teacher

Time at Robert Bateman: 1 Years (Plus 2 in the past)

Background: I went to Kindergarten in Oslo, Norway

Interesting Fact: I am also a skilled carpenter that does renovations as a hobby

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